Every year the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department issues an updated set of regulations for hunting and fishing. Usually when you pick up your new license for the year you grab a copy or two of the new regulations. This year though, you don't have to try to keep up with that booklet you can download the regulations app to your smartphone.

Hunters and fishermen will now have access to the guidelines and regulations wherever they are, on the water or in the field. The app also includes a GPS capability that allows you to access location-specific regulations like specific fish size, bag limit or county specific regulations. So if you normally hunt in a 2 buck county and find yourself hunting property in a 1 buck county then you find that information by simply accessing your app.

The app will include county listings, species listings, definitions, and will be updated to include the September waterfowl regulations. There will also be links that will allow you to buy your license online and apply for Drawn Hunts as well. You can also access hunter education information and fishing reports and even the Game Warden.

The app is free and can be found in the iTunes or Amazon app stores, through Google Play for iPhone, iPads, Androids, tablets and smartphones or by visiting www.txoutdoorannual.com/app

This is a great alternative and I'm sure will find it's way to my phone but I will also, as always, put a booklet copy in my hunting backpack.

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