We're eagerly awaiting the next round of Netflix originals to premiere, from the Valentine's day release of 'House of Cards' season 2, or the next run of 'Orange is the New Black,' but we've also kept our eye on the Wachowski siblings' mysterious new sci-fi series 'Sense8,' which has just revealed more details of its global setting and cast.

While we'd already learned from 'Sense8' writer and ‘Babylon 5′ creator J. Michael Straczynski that the high-concept series would follow individuals from around the globe who spontaneously develop telepathic contact with one another, TVLine managed to uncover a few new details about the specific cast of characters granted said abilities, and those who would pursue them across the planet.

Among the regulars (as yet uncast) are: a closeted Mexican telenovela hunk, an Icelandic party girl, a German safe-cracker, a Korean businesswoman, an African bus driver and a transgender American blogger (a la Lana?). Perhaps most intriguing, though, are Jonas, an apparently magic African-American who appears to all of the “visionaries,” and his evil counterpart, Mr. Whispers.

Elsewhere, each episode of the 10-part series will follow separate stories for the characters (it's unclear if this means one character per episode a la 'Arrested Development', or simply that the characters rarely, if ever meet), shooting on location across the UK, Seoul, Mumbai, Nairobi, Berlin, Mexico City, San Francisco and Chicago. Production will begin in June, for an unknown premiere date.

What do you think? Are you intrigued to see what the Wachowskis could bring to a Netflix series, or does ‘Sense8′ sound as crazy as 'Jupiter Ascending' looks?