Okay so I'm going along on a typical Wednesday morning radio show, when my morning-show partner Pete Beretta says "hey it's time for the forecast and I think I hear rain in the forecast this weekend." That's all he had to say because what happened next is all my fault. I asked him "Pete, how can you hear rain in a forecast, are you Neil Sedaka? Do you hear laughter in that rain Pete?" Bam! the song is now playing in my head, to make matters worse it's on repeat.

Just to see if I could get that tune out of my cavernous brain, I thought I'd look for the song on YouTube listen to it a time or two and get it out of my head, once and for all, right? Wrong! Now I'm seeing Mr. Sedaka performing just for me and it's the longest encore I've ever experienced.

I've often heard misery loves company, so here goes nothing. Try to focus on the words of the songs while gazing at Neil's yellow sport coat from the 70's. And where can I locate one of those wide collar shirts, and is that a Mr. T starter kit Neil is sporting on his bare chest?  How I miss those days of high fashion and I'm sure he's wearing platform shoes. I hope this song doesn't affect you like it did me.

Here's the video crank it up when the weatherman says "I hear rain in the forecast"