Because what's the point in starting an original franchise anymore? That attitude has done CBS many a 'CSI' spin-off in the past, and it doesn't seem the Eye is changing its tactics anytime soon. Despite being a spin-off itself, 'NCIS: Los Angeles' will reportedly introduce a possible spin-off series, to be presented as a backdoor pilot in an upcoming two-part episode. But what new group of crime-fighters would the potential spin-off follow?

'NCIS' is about to become a grandfather, which seems oddly appropriate considering its general demographic. According to Deadline, 'NCIS' spin-off 'NCIS: Los Angeles' will soon introduce a potential spin-off of its own, to be written and executive produced by 'NCIS' mogul Shane Brennan. Introduced along with its characters in a two-part episode of 'NCIS: LA' later this season, the new series would follow a smaller, more mobile team of agents who are forced to live and work together as they travel the country solving crimes. To our knowledge, the series will not be titled 'NCIS: Road Rules.'

Interestingly, the original 'NCIS' itself spun-off from 'JAG,' while the franchise has no connection with the similarly spinning-off 'CSI.' 'NCIS' continues to dominate CBS ratings in its tenth season, while 'NCIS: Los Angeles' holds its own in a fourth season as well. 'NCIS: Los Angeles' also has one of the highest off-network syndication license fees for a drama series.

What say you? Would you watch another spin-off of 'NCIS'? Who would you like to see populate the backdoor pilot?

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