Navy SEAL Team 6 responsible for the death of Bin Laden. These are the best of the best and we will never know their true identities, just that they are the soldiers who protect us without due recognition.

The SEAL team was given orders by the President to kill not capture Osama Bin Laden.  They completed their mission with as few casualties as possible. Four others with Bin Laden were killed as well.  These SEALS of course are the best at what they do, it takes a special breed of person to make the SEALS.

Navy SEALs toil in the dark of night, tasked with the most daring, dangerous and important missions. To become a SEAL, those men completed some of the most brutal training regimens ever devised, designed to push the boundaries of even the most able service members. Only one third of recruits eventually become SEALs.

This video is exclusive ABC  footage of Osama's Lair.  It is a little graphic (blood) no bodies are shown, however.  He was living just 100 yards from a Pakistani Military Base.  So did they know he was there? Were they protecting him? Questions that I'm sure will be answered soon.  Again to those who protect us everyday and to those like the SEAL teams who never get the recognition they deserve because they must operate in complete anonymity; THANK YOU!!!