She's a pop artist gone country. Natasha Bedingfield got her feet wet in country music when she recently teamed up with Rascal Flatts on their song "Easy". Now Natasha will be performing on the CMA awards show coming up November 9th. Plus, she's teamed up with Dove soap to promote women and self esteem.

Natasha's song with Rascal Flatts was a hit and she says she loves country music. She loves that country music is about real life. It tells a story. She will be performing next month on the 45th CMA awards.

Not only is Natasha getting ready for the CMA's she is also helping launch a weekend of events with Dove Beauty Soap to promote women and self esteem. Natasha isn't a thin willowy model, she is a real woman with a little meat on her bones and she says she's proud of that, just be yourself. To find out more about the Dove Self Esteem Weekend check out their Facebook.

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