I think this is the best fathers day gift idea ever, a motorized recliner that hauls booty. Dad will never want to get out of it. Imagine the possibilities, sit and watch television, sleep in it and then without missing a beat dad is off to work in his new motorized recliner.

While these particular recliners have only been spotted on some sidewalks and roadways a time or two, I only hope they're a prototype of things to come. I can imagine a day when motorcycle shops have different models like singles, doubles, on-road, off-road and different motor sizes.

I can just see it now, football stadiums, restaurants and bars could all have special sections for the ole man to drive in and enjoy a game, eat dinner or knock back a few with his buddies after work. Then pop could put his feet up take a short snooze before heading home (we don't want dad getting a DUI).

While the chair is not available in America, there are a few guys trying their luck at making their own. I have got to start motorizing my recliner. Now, check out the video below of a recliner race and basketball competition at an NBA game.

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