Country artists had plenty of new, artfully-crafted music videos to share this week, including a gorgeous stop-motion animated film, an homage to a life lost too soon and a more playful spin on a Barbie and Ken Doll mini-movie. Of course, if you're looking for a plain-old good time, country music has got that covered, too! Read on to get all caught up on the latest music videos.

Morgan Wallen, “Whiskey Glasses”:

Morgan Wallen's music video for "Whiskey Glasses" begins with a slap in the face -- his face, to be exact. At first, you might think the blonde woman slapped him because he hurt her, but the opposite is true. She hurt him ... by breaking up with him. The video, directed by Justin Clough, follows Wallen as he copes with the breakup and tries to drink away the pain of heartbreak. He also scores a fresh haircut and leans on his friends (who are his real-life buddies) before hitting the bar to perform "Whiskey Glasses," with plenty of liquid courage along the way. “We wanted the video to start out sad just because that’s kind of the way the song is,” he tells People. “I think we’ve all been in that situation before where you’re trying to get over somebody and you resort to [drinking]. I connected to it in many ways.” "Whiskey Glasses" is from Wallen's debut album, If I Know Me and follows up his hit track, "Up Down," which features Florida Georgia Line. -- CV

Kane Brown, “Short Skirt Weather”:

Kane Brown's “Short Skirt Weather” is a summery, lighthearted song, and right from the beginning, it's clear the lyric video is also 100 percent fun. After all, the entire cast of the video is portrayed by a variety of Barbie and Ken dolls; In fact, every part of the video (from the car to the microphone and hot dogs) looks like it belongs in a Barbie Dreamhouse. Brown's lookalike is the spitting image of the singer, from his "KB" hat to a hoodie with the word "Malibu" on the front. "Short Skirt Weather" is from his forthcoming record, Experimentwhich drops in November. He'll kick off his first-ever headlining tour in January. -- CV

John Prine, "Summer's End":

The music video for John Prine's song "Summer's End" carries with it all the bittersweetness of changing seasons and loss. The video plays out the story of a young girl and an old man, both mourning the loss of a young woman - a mother and a daughter to them, respectively. The heartbreaking grief is expressed differently by the split generations, as Prine sings the tender lyrics: "Just come on home / You don't have to be alone." The video ends with the message "Dedicated to Max," a tribute to former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry's son, who died in 2017 from an overdose of opioids and other drugs. Prine was close to Barry's family and performed at the memorial service for Max. -- LS

I'm With Her, "Overland":

I'm With Her shares a beautiful stop-motion animated music video for their new song, "Overland," created by award-winning filmmaker Tobias LaMontagne. "The sets were all built by hand from the bottom up. Each shot was often a mix of various elements filmed on the day that I then blended together in post-production," LaMontagne shares in a press release. "Because of the two-dimensional aspect of the film, there was quite a bit of flexibility with visuals and compositing. The opportunity to take this song and bring it to life in animation was truly magical. As a filmmaker and animator, "Overland" was one of the most challenging and fulfilling projects I've had the pleasure to work on.” The dramatic black and white imagery gradually adds color to provide a touching backdrop for the haunting harmonies delivered by the talented trio. -- LS


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