Parenthood is hard, as this woman can tell you.

Pity this poor mom who decides to steal a few minutes by herself by going into a pantry to eat some licorice and and get away from her children. She desperately needs that "me time" that disappears once you have little ones roaming around the house.

This woman is every mom and every mom is this woman.

And even though this woman barricades herself behind a door looking for even just a few seconds of quiet, her kids will have none of it because children are programmed to find you and pester you and wear you down. It's why parents are ready for bed at 7 p.m. and why they wear mismatched socks to the office on the day of the big meeting.

If you have children, you can totally sympathize with this woman. If you don't have children and think "There's no way this will happen when I have kids," well, good luck continuing to delude yourself. And if you don't want children, let this be Exhibit A as to why you feel that way.

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