Molly Tuttle is ready to make 2019 her year by releasing her debut album, When You're Ready, this spring, and she's starting things off with an epic new tune. Press play above to listen to the full song.

Ahead of the album's full release, Tuttle has shared a fast-tempo song, "Take the Journey," that she described to Rolling Stone as a "hero's journey." "Take the Journey" is an encouraging song that was inspired by mythological quests; the guitar-rich song has Tuttle urging listeners to embark on something special: "Take the journey / No matter where it starts or where it ends," she sings. "Take the journey / Someday you'll make it back home again / Someday you'll make it back home." 

“I sat down with Sarah Siskind one afternoon in East Nashville," Tuttle told Rolling Stone, explaining how the tale of "Take the Journey" came to be. "We wanted to write a song with a modal feel, and as we were writing I started messing around with a claw hammer guitar part in a modal G tuning. To me this song is about the hero’s journey, a story arc that we see in books and movies. Everyone has some form of hero’s journey in their own lives as well.”

As first reported by Rolling Stone, other songs from Tuttle's forthcoming project include "Make My Mind Up," "Sleepwalking" and "Light Came In (Power Went Out)." The record follows Tuttle's debut solo EP, Rise, which artfully blended innovative songwriting with bluegrass tradition. When You're Ready will delve into Tuttle's life as a songwriter immersed in the Nashville community.

The singer previously talked to The Boot about the album, saying, "It's all music I've written since moving to Nashville. A lot of it is co-writes, and some of it I also wrote on my own, but that's really what's been on my mind right now."

When You're Ready will be released on April 5 through Compass Records. More information about Tuttle can be found on her official website.

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