Not even the New York Yankees are immune to this change.

The Bronx Bombers will join every other team this weekend wearing special uniforms with player nicknames on the back of the jerseys. The Yankees have famously never put players' names on their uniforms.

The unis -- and hats -- will be worn as part of what is called Players Weekend August 25-27. It's basically Major League Baseball's version of the NFL's Color Rush experiment (and, in case, you forgot, the NBA has tried something like this before, too).

The move is a nod to players' pasts. According to MLB, players will be "sporting colorful, non-traditional uniforms featuring alternate designs inspired by youth-league uniforms....Additionally, during Players Weekend, the right sleeve of each player's jersey will feature a patch with a blank space for him to write the name of a person or organization that was instrumental to his development."

"These games will allow the players to thank those who were important in their lives while showcasing their personality in a fun way that fits baseball's community-driven focus," MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred added.

As you may have expected, the uniforms and caps are available to buy, while game-worn uniforms will also go on the auction block.

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