While everyone is upset about about the outcome of the Casey Anthony case there is one closer to home that has caused International turmoil.  Humberto Leal murdered and raped a 16 year old girl and was convicted of that crime in 1995.  He is now facing execution Thursday unless his lawyers can get a stay.In 1995 Humberto Leal was convicted of rape and murder of a 16 year old girl.  The details were grizzly and he was sentenced to death.  So why is this case getting attention?  Leal is technically a Mexican national.  Therefore the law says he should have been entitled to access his consulate. This is based on the Vienna Treaty established in 1963.  Leal's attorneys and others feel that had Leal asked for or been given access to the consulate it would have changed the outcome of his trial.

The twist on this case is that Humberto is 38 years old and has lived in the U.S. since he was 2 years old.

His lawyers have, for the last 16 years, filed appeals and motions but have never won.

This case has gotten so much attention recently that the Obama administration has even gotten involved.

Last Friday, the Obama administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Texas

from executing Leal, asking the court to delay the execution for up to six months to give Congress time to consider legislation that would enforce the U.N. treaty.

Congress reportedly had three years to pass the bill but did not. Hence, it is impossible to pass a bill that would spare Leal unless a stay is ordered.

As of right now nothing has been issued by Governor Perry or the Supreme Court that would prevent the execution from going forth.  A death warrant could be served anytime after 6 pm Thursday.


It's my opinion that he was well aware of the laws of this country, since he has been here since he was 2 and consulate or not he should face the consequences of his actions.  You don't rape and murder an innocent 16 year old girl and get away with it in Texas.

I believe this is just one last ditch effort on the part of his lawyers to save his life but he will face his maker tomorrow evening.