Friday is here....again. I've pulled some great videos this week, kind of a hodge podge of stuff this week. One asks the age old question, can men and women be JUST friends. Another shows us how to parallel park even if your car doesn't really fit in the space. And finally, our own occupy wall street protest has taken wings and spread across to Australia with some interesting interpretation.

So it's been asked for many years, can men and women be nothing more than just friends? One college student did his own survey of fellow students and came up with an interesting answers. Seems women say yes, men say no and in the end the answer is...?

We've all had to take the dreaded driving test to get our license and the hardest part is always the parallel parking. Well this guy must have passed with flying colors because he got his car not only parallel parked but it's in a space that's actally too small for the car.

We, here in the States, have Occupy Wall Street that has spread all across our country not just in New York but it's now even affecting Australia. There's only a small group of 3 protesters and I'm not sure if they are really protesting as much as mocking the U.S. movement. Nonetheless, the police were called out in force to deal with the 3 protesters and their tents.