Christmas morning is still a couple of months away, but it'll feel like it came early for country music fans -- a whole lot of artists shared music this week! Read on to discover all your new favorite songs.

Matt Stell, "Everywhere But On":

Following his first-ever No. 1 hit, "Prayed for You," Matt Stell is gearing up to release his next single to radio. "Everywhere But On" tells the story of a guy who just can't let go of a lost relationship, no matter how many miles he puts between him and his ex.

"I've been from Savannah to Long Beach / Trying to keep your memory out of reach / But there you were in the Delta nights / The Santa Fe sun, the Colorado sky," he sings in the song's chorus. Co-written by Stell along with Lance Miller and Paul Sikes, "Everywhere But On" will impact radio beginning Dec. 2. -- CL

Aubrie Sellers, “Far From Home”:

No matter what your life story is, chances are that there have been times where you feel left out. Aubrie Sellers' "Far From Home" is an intimate look at how the singer sometimes feels isolated, and like she doesn't belong in a certain situation or group of people.

“This song came from the feeling of being disconnected from others, or never quite fitting in,” Sellers explains in a press release. “Feeling like I’m not in the right place is something that seems to follow me around. It can seem like you’re speaking a different language than everyone else, always looking for something more or something more right. ‘Far From Home’ is about that loneliness, with the hope that we will all find our place eventually.” "Far From Home" was written by Sellers with Park Chisholm. -- CC

Walker Hayes, "Dad's Sailboat":

Get ready to cry. Walker Hayes’ new song, “Dad’s Sailboat,” is a hard-hitting story about growing up and seeing our parents age and, sadly, become weaker. Throughout the song, Hayes grapples with the idea that his dad isn’t immortal, and will one day pass on. The somber thread that keeps the song together is the family sailboat. Hayes sings about how he wishes he could buy the boat now that his dad can’t keep it and reflects on the shaky numbers written on the for sale sign. The song is best summarized with this honest lyric; “I’m trying to take it like a man / but I’m taking it like a son.” -- CC

The Wood Brothers, "Cry Over Nothing":

The Wood Brothers, comprised of Oliver and Chris Wood along with Jano Rix, have shared "Cry Over Nothing" as the second single from their upcoming album, Kingdom In My Mind. The song is an honest look into the things people deal with while navigating life, such as feeling overwhelmed or not loved in return.

Chris Wood explains how the group was able to open up so much on songs like “Cry Over Nothing,” saying, "If we had known we were making a record, we probably would have been too self-conscious to play what we played.” He continues, "At the time, we just thought we were jamming to break in our new studio, so we felt free to explore all these different ways of playing together without worrying about form or structure. It was liberating." Kingdom In My Mind is set for release on Jan. 24. -- CC

Caitlyn Smith, "Damn You for Breaking My Heart":

Caitlyn Smith isn't holding anything back in her new song, "Damn You For Breaking My Heart." The song is all about telling her ex how she feels now that they are over and done with. Oddly enough, Smith wrote "Damn You For Breaking My Heart" with her husband (Rollie Gaalswyk) and Gordie Sampson.

In fact, the singer says that co-writing songs about past love interests with her husband tends to go surprisingly smoothly. “I tend to write break-up songs with my husband. It’s kind of embarrassing, but we do work a lot of things out in the writing room together," she reveals. "You can feel the sadness, anger, frustration of getting your heart broken and trying to move past it.” -- CC

The Lone Bellow, "Wonder":

As people get older, they tend to spend more and more time reflecting on what they used to be like and what their lives used to look like. For The Lone Bellow, this self-reflection takes its form in their new release, “Wonder.” “We talked a lot about the concept of wonder and seeing people lose it as we get older,” says group member Kanene Donehey Pipkin in a press release about the track. “I hope this record is a journey back into wonder –– not through any falsified sense of ‘Everything’s going to be fine,’ but through the beauty and the pain of what it is to be human.” -- CC

Marcus King, "Say You Will": 

Marcus King is back with another scuzzy, guitar-laden, Dan Auerbach-produced new release off of his forthcoming album, El Dorado. In an interview with Garden and Gun, the rising artist says that this new track is all about the blues-inflected guitar work and danceable melodies.

"'Say You Will' is a classic rock and roll feel meant to inspire an emotion to make you want to move," King explains. "You've got Bubba's kick drum coming through, heavily pronounced in a bulldozing fashion. Sleepless fuzz guitar tones are meant to hit a nerve. Combined with the lyrics is a song that will take you on a ride through a tapestry of my favorite influences -- Mountain, Joe Walsh and Eric Clapton. When listening to this song, you should be rowdy, whether you're at work or a cookout." El Dorado is due for release Jan. 17. -- CL

Josh Kelley, "Busy Making Memories":

If Josh Kelley is anything, he is a devoted family man that enjoys spending time with those closest to his heart. His latest release, “Busy Making Memories,” is a sweet track inspired by Kelley’s real life family and their time together. The singer wrote the loving song on the first day of 2019 while watching his kids play, literally, in the light of the new year. Throughout the song Kelley reminds listeners that they shouldn’t be focused on making “history,” they should instead be focused on making lasting memories. -- CC

Madison Kozak, "OMG ILY":

Country newcomer Madison Kozak is over crowded parties in her latest release, “OMG ILY.” In the high energy song, the singer flatly explains that she absolutely hates the overwhelming party where she is. Instead of getting another drink, she wishes that she and her man could just lrish exit, singing, “I hate this party, I wish we had a good excuse to leave / My heart is racing it’s saying / Put your whiskey kiss on me / It’s so damn difficult to act natural / In this crowded room / I hate this party / But oh my god, I love you / Oh my god, I love you.” “OMG ILY” was penned by Kozak along with Claire Douglas Mark Trussell. -- CC

Colin Elmore, "Guys Like Me":

Colin Elmore toasts the one that got away in his new "Guys Like Me," a sweeping ode to all the rough-and-tumble fellas that can't seem to hold on to the love of a good woman. In his song, Elmore watches an ex get married to the kind of strait-laced guy he never could quite seem to be.

"She didn't like that bar that I could smoke in / And he would never think to take her there / But she sure wore the hell out of that white dress / With a crown of fresh-cut flowers in her hair," he sings in the first lyric. Elmore co-wrote "Guys Like Me" with Tim Bruns; he also dropped another song called "California Moon." -- CL 

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