Part of the fun comic book fans have had over the years is debating which superhero could defeat which superhero. Could Wolverine beat The Hulk? Could the X-Men beat The Avengers? There have been entire lines of books devoted to this very topic. Heck, Batman vs. Superman and Captain America: Civil War are both based on this very conceit. So, you can’t blame Matt Damon for getting into the fun when asked if his Jason Bourne, who he calls “my superhero”, could take his pal Ben Affleck’s Batman. As you might expect, Damon’s not stepping down from the challenge.

E! caught up with Damon at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he was there promoting The Martian. Damon just recently began filming on his fourth Jason Bourne movie so talk quickly turned to that project and whether Bourne could take Batman in a fight.

Jason Bourne would kick the s–-- out of Batman — absolutely! Batman’s gotta take on Superman first. If he could beat him then maybe he could take on Jason Bourne.

That’s pretty confident. Of course, Bourne could come at this fight with guns a-blazing, something Batman would never do. But, Batman could come at it with all his fancy, Bat-gadgets. All things told, it does seem like a pretty even fight assuming Batman doesn’t show up in that armor-plated suit. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Damon, who says he hasn’t seen much of Batman vs. Superman (or even heard Affleck’s Batman voice), says that Jason Bourne is as close to a superhero as he’ll ever play. “I think they’re kind of out of superheroes […] I don’t think there’s really any left.”

So, who do you think would win in a fight: Batman or Jason Bourne? We’ll say that the rules are that Batman can wear his normal costume, but his Bat-gadgets are off-limits. This is a good old fashioned street fight. Cast your votes in the comments below.

The next Bourne movie is set for release on July 15, 2016.

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