Mason Ramsey, aka "Yodel" (or "Walmart") Boy, added another entry to his already robust pre-teen resume, when the 12-year-old visited the Today show Thursday (Dec. 13) singing his version of the Christmas classic "White Christmas."

Already a pro on the media circuit, Ramsey handled his appearance with cool aplomb, both for the musical part and the brief interview beforehand.

When asked "What's this roller coaster been like for you?" Ramsey, dressed in a festive red-green-and-gold sequined jacket, answered "Well, so far it's been kind of smooth." He added, "You will have some ups and downs as you go along, but it'll all be fun."

Ramsey was also asked why he chose "White Christmas" to cover out of the extensive holiday catalog. "I don't know," he admitted. "I just like 'White Christmas' because it's a popular song. I just like to sing it."

He applied the same casually confident vibe to his performance, singing as if he's totally used to performing for large audiences (which, at this point, he is). His cover of the holiday standard was released back at the beginning of November, so he's had some time to practice, as well. At any rate, his warbling and fresh take on the song certainly put viewers in a good old fashioned Christmas state of mind.

Ramsey, of course, is no stranger to tackling vintage classics. The tween's rapid rise to fame started when a video of him yodeling Hank Williams tunes in the aisles of his local Walmart earlier this year went viral. In just a few short months, he appeared everywhere from Coachella to Good Morning America and even released his own aptly titled EP, Famous.

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