As the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to grow, it's not surprising that dozens of celebrities are coming down with the virus, along with everyday people. One of the latest in the country world to report a struggle with the virus is Luke Combs' wife, Nicole Hocking, who revealed her tough battle on her Instagram stories Saturday (Jan. 9).

Hocking related that she'd come down with pretty much every one of the symptoms that the virus could offer up. "I wish I was like those people that just lost their smell or taste or just didn’t even know they had it I guess, but no, I’ve had all the symptoms, except for a fever," she said. "It’s beat me up."

However, thankfully, she says she's doing better now: "It’s brutal, but you know I am on the up and coming and I am feeling great these last two or three days and hopefully, I test negative soon.”

Hocking didn't say if Combs had fallen ill with the virus himself, nor gave any details about the couple's quarantining strategies. Hocking had most recently posted on Instagram Christmas Day, sharing a lively montage of photos of the couple, looking perfectly healthy, dressed in "ugly holiday sweater" knitwear and posing with their pet dog, cat, and chicken.

Combs and Hocking married in August of 2020, inviting a small group of family to their home in Florida for a pandemic-friendly wedding.

The still-newlywed pair first started dating in 2016, when Combs was just an up-and-coming musician without any fame to entice his love interest. "I didn't have anything when we met," he told People.

However, Combs employed his musical talents not only to pave his way to eventual country stardom, but also to win Hocking over, particularly with the song "Beautiful Crazy," which he wrote for her...which resulted in a "yes" when he eventually proposed in 2018.

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