When Luke Combs first teased his new song, "1, 2 Many," on Twitter back in June 2019, the singer said he loved its rockin', '90s sensibility. "This is a song about drinking too much and takes me back to the '90s country music that I grew up listening to," Combs wrote. Now, he has shared the studio version of the song, doubling down on its '90s theme by releasing it as a collaboration with Brooks & Dunn. Press play above to listen!

The new track hearkens back to some of Brooks & Dunn's most iconic hits, with Combs' signature hard-charging spin. The duo provide backing harmonies to the song, with Ronnie Dunn taking lead on the song's final verse.

Combs previously teamed up with the iconic country duo on a rendition of their 1991 classic, "Brand New Man." That effort appears on Reboot, Brooks & Dunns' collection of hits reimagined with modern-day country stars. At the time of that project's release, Combs explained that the duo had a massive impact on his own development as a performer.

“Brooks & Dunn’s music absolutely had a tremendous impact on me. To me, they invented that foot-stomping, driving sound," says Combs in a press release. "And it’s so cool that this has turned into such an awesome album, with artists that actually grew up listening to Brooks & Dunn. Their music was so influential to us that having the chance to come in and bounce ideas off the guys and sing with them in the studio was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

"1, 2 Many" will be included on Combs' just-announced forthcoming sophomore album, What You See is What You GetDue out in November, that album will include 17 tracks, including the five songs on Combs' 2019 The Prequel EP.

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