Baby, it may be cold outside, but these new music videos are sure to warm you up. From down-home outdoor scenes of a time of year when it wasn't too chilly to hang out under the stars to a beach-side, West coast romance and so much more, these new country music videos will heat up your weekend and give you a much-needed break from Christmas music. Read on!

Luke Bryan, “What Makes You Country”:

Luke Bryan's music video for current single (and album title track),  “What Makes You Country,” is a family affair. It features his sons Bo and Tate, his nephew Til, a few friends and even his dog, Choc. The music video, directed by Michael Monaco, brings the song's lyrics to life:  "I got my dirt road cred when I was twelve / On a no cab tractor haulin’ them bails / Backin’ in boats, fishin’ limb lines / Runnin’ bird dogs through the Georgia pines / Stepside covered down in peanut dust / Friday night spotlightin', that was us / It might not have been you but I can't judge / Just be proud of what makes you country."

The video is set at Bryan's farm, just south of Nashville. It begins with the whole group sitting around a campfire at night, reminiscing about the day behind them--but the fun isn't over yet as the boys begin playing a game of spotlight. From there, they have a whole lot of country fun with ATVs, fishing, football and plenty of mud; in other words, the boys show everyone what being country is all about.

Brandi Carlile, “Party of One”:

Brandi Carlile says she is more proud of the music video for "Party Of One" than "anything visual I've ever done," according to a press release. The video stars Elisabeth Moss with Nicole Disson as her co-star, and Carlile reflects, “When I thought about making a video for ‘Party of One’ I couldn’t stop picturing Elisabeth’s face. I believe she is the absolute best actor out there right now, no one has ever impacted me so much without saying a word. I never even asked anyone else. I sent Elisabeth a letter and she called back and suggested creating a love story about two women and using a female crew. A brilliant group of women are responsible for every part of this incredibly human love story.”

Director Bérénice Eveno's vision was to "capture a love so deep that it permeates everything around you, every object and every inch of space. A love that haunts you and never lets go." The video is sensual yet pure, beautiful yet raw, intimate yet universally relatable. Moss and Disson convey so much without making a sound, and the video feels like a perfect extension of "Party Of One."

Brett Young, "Here Tonight":

Brett Young has released the music video for “Here Tonight,” and in mid-December, the beach setting is looking pretty darn good. Throughout the video, Young sings while walking along the water. Interspersed with those scenes, we see clips of a couple getting all dressed up for a night out. Lipstick? Check. Little black dress? Check. Fitted sports coat? Check. It's suiting up to be a perfect night on the town ... until the rain hits. But sometimes, as Luke Bryan has always said, rain is a good thing. You'll see.

Young wrote "Here Tonight" with Ben Caver, Justin Ebach and Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley. “We wanted to keep it vague. Intentionally vague in a way that if you tell too detailed of a story, not everybody can make it their love story,” Young says. “It’s the first time we’ve sent pure tempo to radio. It already sonically feels good, [so] I want to make sure everybody connects their love life, their romantic life to this song. It’s hard to do that sometimes, but the three of them are incredible writers. They did a great job of getting it there.”

Granger Smith, "They Were There":

Granger Smith's “They Were There” music video is closely tied with his recently-released project They Were There: A Hero's Documentary (available on his YouTube channel). The documentary and music video were self-produced and honor the lives of five soldiers who gave their lives for our country. The music video includes photos of the soldiers who died in combat--viewers will see photos of when they were young, with their families, on their wedding days and more. It drives home the painful truth that our freedom comes with their sacrifice.

"We tend to forget that there are sacrifices being made every day, and the purpose of this [documentary] for me is to try to live a life worthy of that sacrifice," Smith tells Taste of Country. "The end result of this, if it only means that five families feel better that their story is now retold, then that is a success for me." He adds, “I’ve taken entertainment tours to war zones in the Middle East. I’ve walked 400 miles in combat boots to raise money for returning soldiers. And somehow, none of that comes close to repaying my debt of gratitude. When a hero falls, their legacy must live on. Their sacrifice has sewn the fabric of our freedom, and their story must be retold.”

LoCash, “Feels Like a Party”:

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust of LoCash just want to focus on the positive. They want to bring a little fun to your day, put a pep in your step. And that's what they do in the music video for "Feels Like a Party." The video features a variety of individuals--a chef, businessman, young woman in a laundromat, girl on a playground and more--and they're all dancing to "Feels Like a Party." “We wanted to be uplifting,” Preston Brust tells People. “We just want you to feel good.” Duo member Chris Lucas adds, “Everything we write is very similar to that and the mentality of LOCASH; there’s no heartbreak. We have heartbreak and we write about it — but not for us. We write it for other artists. We wanted the positivity.”

The "Feels Like a Party" clip is bursting with positivity. There's no drama, tears or melancholy, and it could be a needed ray of sunshine in anyone's day. Brust tells ET Online. "It’s just one of those things where you just take three minutes of your life and forget about the negativity and just say, ‘You know what? I’m just gonna party today and forget about everything.’"

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