Luigi will finally be getting his due later this year when Nintendo releases a massive downloadable content update for New Super Mario Bros. U.

Dubbed New Super Luigi U, the add-on will bring alternate versions of all 80 stages from the original game to the fold just for Luigi to play. You'll be able to switch back and forth between the original game and the DLC levels at any time, but only Luigi can play the newly remodeled areas.

Nintendo hasn't announced a specific date or price yet, but as of now it is only being touted as a downloadable expansion. It's basically the size of the full original game, so as Nintendo's Satoru Iwata stated during the Nintendo Direct event, it will take some time until the game is ready, and more can be shared.

In the meantime, you can check out a few new screens and a trailer below, and let us know if you're excited for Luigi to join the fray.