Yes, that is still Stephen Barker Liles fronting Love and Theft on "You Didn't Want Me," the duo's new sweet and sour pop-country single.

A contagious melody and compelling song structure are overshadowed by Liles' Adam Levin-esque vocal performance. It's convincing ... did you know he could live at those vocal altitudes so comfortably? More than ever he's owning the role of frontman, and the duo is better for it. That's no shade on Eric Gunderson — remember, Little Big Town didn't really begin to thrive until Karen Fairchild took over as primary lead vocalist.

"You Didn't Want Me" claps back at an ex who comes calling when you're happy in another relationship. It's a satisfying middle finger to that guy or girl who didn't realize how good they had it until you were gone. Melodically the Liles, Gunderson, Tami LaTrell and Roahn Hylton-written song flips the typical verse and chorus relationship. Quick, energetic storytelling builds to a slow, deliberate refrain that still creates a moment to look forward to.

The closest thing Love and Theft have to "You Didn't Want Me" in their singles catalog is the ahead-of-its-time "Runnin' Out of Air" from 2012. They learned from that mistake, telling CMT they actually penned this song several years ago but waited patiently. With artists like Sam Hunt, Chris Lane and Dan + Shay thriving, it's time once again for the duo to have a hit.

Did You Know?: Liles' sister Rebekah plays the crazy ex-girlfriend in the duo's new music video for "You Didn't Want Me."

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Love and Theft's "You Didn't Want Me" Lyrics:

Hey baby why you look so sad / I should be the one feeling like that / You told me I was holding you back / I let you go, let you do your thing / Hiding my feelings trying to play your game / With my heart baby it ain't OK.

Cause you didn't want me, didn't want me / Whenever I was whatever you needed me to be / Didn't want me, didn't want me around / Now you're calling me up, calling my bluff / Wondering if I've given you up / You didn't want me until she came around. 

Baby it's lonely days, the changes you made / You left me in the pouring rain / Gave me no explanation, just blurring my vision / Those sweet sunsets, nights we'll never forget / Honey are you thinking now you're wishing it was you and me. 

Is it that you can't seem to stand / Seeing us happy holding hands / Until you really, really want me again / I hope you don't think that I can't see / The spells you're trying to put on me / But it's too late baby I'm sorry baby.

You didn't want me, you didn't want me / To make this any harder than it needs to be / You wanted to be free now you're wishing it was you and me.

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