If you're looking to live it up Roaring-Twenties-style with friends in Abilene (or just live like a millionaire all on your own), you need to check out one of the coolest hidden gems on Airbnb.

The Fulwiler House has been part of historic Abilene architecture since the 1920s, and you can stay there for as little as $475 per night. Even if you don't plan on renting the house for your next family reunion, keep scrolling to see the incredible historical detail inside this iconic Abilene landmark.

Live Out Your Millionaire Dreams in Abilene's Mansion Airbnb

Want to feel old-money rich for a weekend in Abilene, Texas? Check out the historic Fulwiler House on Airbnb.

The Fulwiler House was built in 1925 in the Sayles-Highland Neighborhood of Abilene. While the location was once a symbol of status and wealth, it now offers visitors a museum-level experience at a mansion officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Even better is that the house's location gives you easy access to downtown Abilene and the SODA District, the Taylor County Expo Center, and three major universities in town.

This imposing 4,742 square-foot house sits on 2/3 acres of land, which means you can view the lay of the land from one of the most beautiful historical properties in the area.

The total of six bedrooms includes two king-size beds, two double beds, and two twin beds with all linens included and on-site laundry. A fully-functional kitchen and stocked fridge and pantry make indoor or outdoor dining a breeze. Climbing trees within a privacy fence and a "game room" basement make this the perfect stay for up to 10 guests, kids included. WiFi, self-check-in, keypad entry, and private patios mean you can kick back and truly live it up like the Roaring Twenties at Fulwiler House.

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