If you’re a parent (or maybe even if you're not), be prepared for Lee Brice’s new video to turn you into a puddle.

His new song, “Boy,” is a tribute to his sons in every way — who they are, who they will be and what he hopes for them in the future. And the video is just as sentimental.

Featuring his actual sons, Takoda and Ryker, and wife Sara (who is pregnant with their first daughter), the video shows Brice musing on the front porch and around an expanse of beautiful land as his kids play outside, laughing and getting messy together. The family comes together and shares some adorable moments on camera, framed in an old-school film strip-style shot, fishing, throwing a football and just playing together. Check out the sweet video above.

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Brice says the song “floored” him when he heard it, similar to the way he felt when he heard “I Drive Your Truck” for the first time.

“I find these songs, I’ve been so fortunate … I find one like that, that everybody’s just kinda gonna go, ‘What?! Wow.’ Those are the songs I’m looking for, and it’s one of them,” he told Taste of Country.

It’s the first single off his upcoming self-titled album, which is set for release Nov. 3 and features a collaboration with one of his favorite artists, Edwin McCain.

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