American Idol 2019 winner Laine Hardy has signed a record deal with Hollywood Records / Industrial Media's 19 Recordings. 19 Recordings has also been the home to other past American Idol winners.

Hardy was crowned the winner of the most recent season of American Idol on May 19, and he immediately dropped an anthemic, feel-good single, "Flame."

"I hope you find what you're lookin’ for / I hope you get what you're wishin' for / I hope you see what I see when I see what I see in you / I hope you stumble and fall in love / I hope it’s all that you're dreamin' of / And every day is a day that your heartbeat beats for two / And if the darkness arrives / In the still of the night /And there's no one inside / Put your light up,"  Hardy sings in the song.

"Flame" reached No. 1 on the iTunes Rock Chart and No. 2 overall after Hardy performed it on the Idol season finale.

2019 marked Hardy's second season on the reality singing competition. In 2018, Hardy made it to the Top 50 contestants before being eliminated. He returned in 2019 intending to only play acoustic guitar for his friend's American Idol audition, but the judges urged him to audition for them again. What started as an impromptu audition turned into winning the entire competition for Hardy.

The Livingston, La., native had the judges on their feet nightly with his renditions of songs from all music genres. The judging panel coined the term “Party With the Hardy" during the season.  Fans jumped in and created their own sayings, including “Laine Will Reign,” and “I’m on the Laine Train,” in support of their Idol favorite.

According to MJ's Big Blog, Hardy is returning home to see his family, after which he will begin recording his debut album.

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