Lady Antebellum have released the music video for their newest single, "Heart Break." The trio is using the release of the clip -- which was filmed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, earlier this year, before numerous hurricanes swept through the Caribbean -- to raise awareness and money for those affected by the storms.

Directed by Shane Drake, Lady Antebellum's "Heart Break" music video follows one woman's solo travels through San Juan. The song's lyrics tell a similar story: “I’m single for the summer / I won’t rebound / One lover to another or be tied down / I’m sleepin’ like a queen in the California King I’m in / I think it’s time to take a heart break ..."

"One of the coolest things was that all of the dancers in the video were people off the street," Charles Kelley notes in a press release. "They already exuded such a vibrant energy that’s part of the culture in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as a whole.”

To help the city in which they filmed the "Heart Break" video, Lady Antebellum have donated $200,000 from their LadyAID fund to hurricane relief efforts. A portion of every ticket sold to a Lady A show goes into the LadyAID fund, and the money is distributed to worthy causes.

"We got to meet so many locals and enjoy everything that Puerto Rico has to offer. We are just completely heart broken to see the devastation [and] want to do everything we can to support this incredible place and these incredible people," Hillary Scott says in the release. Adds Dave Haywood, "We fell in love with the area, the culture, the people and that country ... We feel personally connected to helping support those affected."

Fans who want to help Lady Antebellum's hurricane relief efforts can visit

The inspiration for "Heart Break" came from an idea Haywood had about turning the familiar sad word into something more hopeful. The trio says the tune is a nod to that notion, as well as a representation of where the band was creatively at the time -- ready for a little recess.

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