Toby Keith's about to be a grandfather again: His daughter, singer-songwriter Krystal Keith, is expecting!

Krystal Keith enlisted her daughter Hensley -- born in October of 2015 -- to help share the happy news. In an Instagram video posted on Tuesday (July 31), the young girl is seen clutching a baby doll and wearing a "Big Sister" shirt.

"Mommy has a baby in her belly!" Hensley says. "Hey, guys, I'm gonna be a big sister!"

Krystal Keith has been married to her husband, Andrew Sandubrae, since 2010. She is the oldest child of Toby Keith and his wife Tricia; the couple also has a son, Stelen, and Toby Keith adopted his wife's daughter from a previous relationship, Shelley, when they got married. Keith and Sandubrae's second child will be Toby Keith's fourth grandchild, as Shelley also has two children.

"He takes her out in the golf cart and shows her off to all his buddies, and then Mom takes her to her girlfriends," Krystal Keith tells of her parents' relationship with Hensley. "She's spoiled rotten."

Krystal Keith released a five-song EP, Boulder, on July 13. The project follows her debut album, 2013's Whiskey & Lace and was produced by Bobby Pinson.

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