Kellie Pickler is coming out with her new album. She promises that the new materiel will bring out who she really is. Ironically, her first release is titled  "TOUGH", it was "custom written" for her by friend and co-writer Leslie Satcher.

Kellie Has been absent from the country music charts for the better part of a three years.She took the time off to reflect and to spend time with Satcher and George Straits' song-writer Dean Dillon. Pickler has spent the last three years  perfecting her music and is ready to release her new CD with much anticipation. I know for a fact that her fans are ready for something new from Kellie Pickler and I promise I will be the first in line. Thank you Miss Pickler, now when will you be in concert in my hometown? The new Project was produced by Frank Liddell and will be on Sony Music Nashville. Look for her live performance this Memorial Day during the Indianapolis 500 weekend. Listen to the song TOUGH on line at:

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