Kelleigh Bannen doesn't scrimp on luxury -- or swagger -- in her newest single, "Deluxe," which the singer co-wrote with Danielle Blakey. The song imagines a top-dollar love story, in which Bannen and her date aren't scared to spring for the finer things in life, from tipping 22 percent on a buffet dinner to treating themselves to the "Supreme" option at a car wash.

The singer has just as much fun with her live version of the song, as evidenced by her performance above. Filmed in the Nashville studio of The Boot's partner site, Taste of Country, Bannen's live version spotlights the lyrics' playful sass and appreciation for the finer things in life.

When she first shared the song, Bannen told CMT that "Deluxe" is all about celebrating a little bit of high-drama luxury. "I'd had the title "Deluxe" for a while, and loved the idea of writing a love story that was extra but also relatable," she said. "Danielle Blakey and I wrote this song in a tiny windowless room at the Sony Firehall. We were talking through the descriptions of 'deluxe' scenarios, and I loved the idea that they would be these kind of retro references like a motel that has AC and cable TV. I think we felt a lot of freedom to just be playful with it and not overthink it."

Prior to dropping "Deluxe," Bannen shared a three-track EP, The Joneses, in mid-2018. That project included "John Who," "The Joneses" and "Happy Birthday." In addition to her career as an artist, she is the host and founder of This Nashville Life, a podcast that explores the business side of the music industry and has been named a "new and noteworthy" podcast on iTunes.

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