I can tell when it's getting close to the time my CMA ballots will be arriving by the number of emails I'm receiving, asking for my consideration. There have been a few that leave me scratching my head wondering "what are they thinking?" Then there are the funny ones like the one I blogged about yesterday from Thompson Square asking  Charlie Sheen for advice. And then there's Keith Urban, a man with talent oozing out of every pore on his body, and class. This man has tons of class as you'll find by watching his consideration video. Keith Urban is up for the Male Vocalist of the Year and the highly sought after Entertainer of the Year award. Urban is no stranger to the awards arena as he's won his fare share. But this year seems different, simply because we've had so much tragedy and destruction across the United States. Every time someone starts a fund raiser for a worthy cause, there's Keith Urban leading the way to help our fellow Americans. Thank you Keith for helping America out and lending your name and talent to help restore normalcy to peoples lives.
The man from down under will get my vote, what do you think?