Keith Urban took the stage during the Country Radio Seminar's annual Universal Music Group luncheon and showcase at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on Thursday (Feb. 20), and after he greeted the crowd, he admitted to feeling some nerves.

"I'm actually pretty nervous. Something to do with the Ryman. Actually, it might be to do with trying to sing a new song last year, 'We Were,' and it taking, like, four attempts," he said with a laugh. That performance got slightly stymied, after his iPhone backing track refused to cooperate. When he took the stage on Thursday, he joked to his backing band that he blamed them for leaving him to fend for himself in 2019.

"The band's like, 'We weren't there for that.' I'm like, 'Yeah, well, you should have been,'" Urban continued, cracking up.

Urban brought a new song to the 2020 showcase, too -- and this time, it went off without a hitch. Called "God Whispered Your Name," the new tune is a flirty, bouncy and danceable ode to the kind of love that comes along and changes everything.

"God Whispered Your Name" may be catchy and beat-focused, but it has some prominent gospel inflections, too. The chorus is interspersed with background "hallelujahs" from Urban's backing vocalists, and the song conveys a powerful message about the spiritual side of love.

After his performance of the new song, Urban called on Carrie Underwood, who'd performed earlier in the afternoon, to join him for a rendition of their 2016 hit,"The Fighter."Though Urban has been releasing a sprinkling of new songs here and there, he hasn't yet announced plans for a full album to follow 2018's Graffiti U.

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