Thank you to everyone that participated, your entries were read by thousands of web-viewers and judged by our KEAN judges, they reviewed the dad stories and why they should win the catered 20 person back yard barbecue from Famous Daves. The judges had a difficult time deciding between first and second. After I eavesdropped on their discussion as to who and why the winner was chosen I'm glad I didn't have to be a tie breaker. A little known fact is that I also intended on giving out runners up prizes.

The Winner I Cassie Hackworth-Hobbins

Cassie Hackworth-Hobbins · Abilene, Texas - My husband did not grow up with the best father figure in his life. But I think he has turned out to be one of the best fathers I know.  lives. Like · Reply · June 6 at 2:53pm

A thought from one of the judges was, how do you learn to be the right kind of dad? That said congratulations to the winners and thank you to all that took the time to participate.

Our runner-up:

Christina Reyes Rollins · Abilene High School
I asked my 3 year old "What makes Daddy a good Daddy? Her response "I don't know, mmm, okay, I know, ME!"
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An Honorable Mention:

Lydia Long · Abilene, Texas

Our Dad is the BEST dad. Why? Because of his 'selective' hearing he hears nothing but the good things said in our family. He always puts the family first, working overtime and washing mom's car before his own!

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