Josh Gracin is back with a sultry new single called "Good for You." The slowed ballad blends his love for R&B and soul music with country storytelling.

The "Good for You" lyric video is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country. The song has Gracin trying to convince a girl that he's good for her with mesmerizing vocals that will surely win her over, right?

"So why don't you try me / I won't burn you like a cigarette when you light me / I'll be the whiskey going to your head on a Friday / I'll be that high you can't lose and you won't want to / More than likely / You're out there telling all your friends that you like me / But you won't give in / You just keep fighting / Like love is something bad to do / I know I'll be good for you," he croons in the chorus.

"'Good for You' is definitely a different type of song," Gracin explains. "I grew up in Michigan learning how to sing off R&B and soul music. It transitioned into country music when I was about 13 and it’s been country ever since. I always wanted to infuse that type of soul/R&B type sound with country. Actually, some of my cuts off my earlier albums you can see that in some of what we’ve done. Even though it doesn’t have this big monstrous long production like some of my hits do it still sounds like it does because of the melody of the song, the lyrics."

Gracin is releasing "Good for You" as a single via his independent label, Revel Road Records and a new partnership with Reviver Records' marketing and promotion, as well as the Kinkead Entertainment Agency. He fees his new music will pull listeners in.

"The lyrics are clear. The story is clear. It’s a topic that hasn’t been written like this, at least in country music," he explains. "It’s your classic guy-meets-girl approach, but it’s never been written like this before. I was always scared to release a slow ballad because everybody today wants something upbeat, but when you listen to the song it’s a shift in the pocket of the production that was done from top to bottom. This song is just a different level. It’s different than anything else out there on the radio but when you hear it, it sticks."

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