Good news Josh Abbott Band fans! The band's newest project, Tuesday Night EP, and first since 2011's Small Town Family Dream, hit stores and iTunes today. Josh will be calling into Radio Texas, LIVE! this Saturday to discuss it, in the meantime give it a preview -- or just download it.

The whole rhetoric behind this EP — and full album to come next year — is having fun, specifically what it was like in those college years," says Abbott, who formed the group eight years ago as a student at Texas Tech. "'Hangin' Around' is a 2 a.m., 'what are you doin', do you want to come over?' song. 'Where's the Party' kicks you in the teeth at live shows… 'Tuesday Night' makes you want to sit on a patio with a beer and tacos immediately. 'She Don't Break' is a sequel to 'She Will Be Free,' and encourages girls to not let some asshole get the best of them. Finally, 'Blush' is a sweet charmer about the beauty of a girl putting in the effort to get ready for the night. These songs line up with what we do, and that is to show up, entertain, swoon and own that stage.

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