The Josh Abbott Band released their newest project, Catching Fire, back on June 28th, along with their current single, “Little More You.” This week the guys were turned into heavily drinking cartoon characters for their new music video "Oughta Get Drunk."

The new song and video is just good ol' fashioned fun.

And if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, Josh and the boys are gearing up to host the annual JAB Fest in their hometown of Lubbock and they're hitting The Hub City with everything they've got.

Look out, Lonestar Amphitheater! Coming September 20th and 21st, y'all are getting performances from Josh Abbott Band, Koe Wetzel, Whiskey Myers, Parker McCollum, Grant Gilbert, Kylie Rae Harris, Sunny Shipley, Texwestus and more TBA. What a great way to wrap up summer, with a few of Texas' biggest acts on one stage.

Tickets are on sale now, click here to get yours.

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