The Johnson Space Center/Space Center Houston here in Texas is full of fun and educational attractions and activities for the whole family. 

You will find the Johnson Space Center is in Clear Lake just outside of Houston. This space center is home of Mission Control which directs all Space Shuttle and International Space Station flights. It is also the home of the astronaut corp which handles the training of astronauts.

You can visit the center year round and not only have fun but get educated as well with a number of attractions to see. They offer guided tours where a trolly takes you out to the grounds and see rocket and shuttle displays up close. There are learning activities like seeing moon rocks and over 250 other space artifacts. You will learn what goes on behind the scenes with special tours of mission control.

You can listen to lectures from astronauts and even talk with them. Learn about outer space, planets, stars, galaxies, what it's like to be weightless, how astronauts eat, drink, sleep and use the restroom in space and much more.

There are fun activities for the kids and adults alike. You can even pretend to be an astronaut or fly in space with special photo opportunities to document the fun. Be sure to visit the cafes to get space ice cream and be sure to stop by the souvenir shops as well.

Prices are pretty inexpensive and you can spend a good part, if not all, of a day visiting the museums and center. This is a great place for anyone of any age to visit at anytime of year. The kids will have a blast and I assure you, so will you!

Here Are a Few Things You Will See on Your Visit to Johnson Space Center

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