John Legend is an R&B singer but he's doing something great and I think that deserves some attention no matter what genre of music you might listen to. He is currently on tour with Sade but is also taking breaks and lending his voice, name and time to helping keep kids in school.Legend has teamed up with the P&G (Proctor & Gamble) company and Communities In Schools (CIS) to create the GIVE Education program.  This programs main goal is to keep kids from dropping out of school.


Legend has long been involved with education programs sitting on boards of a couple of them. He got involved with the GIVE Education and P&G because of their vast influence and resources that could reach a huge amount of people.
On July 31st the GIVE Education program is placing coupons in newspaper flyers, when you use those coupons you help raise money that will in turn keep kids in school.

Also there is a Facebook site that everytime you visit and click and watch the video featuring Legend and a group of student graduates of the CIS then a donation is made.

I'm am a strong advocate of education so when I ran across this piece of information I felt it should be passed along.  As I first stated, no matter what genre of music you listen to doesn't matter, making a difference in a child's life does.

Kudos to John Legend for his efforts!

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