Can you get too much of a good thing? Joe Nichols is proving you can't with his new version of the song "Diamonds Make Babies," off his upcoming album Never Gets OldReaders can press play above to listen to the rowdy warning that hearkens back to the old nursery rhyme: First comes love, then comes marriage ...

"Diamonds Make Babies" was written by a powerhouse trio: Chris Stapleton, Jim Beavers and Lee Thomas Miller. Nichols' version is likely not the first time that country fans have heard the song, either: Dierks Bentley previously recorded "Diamonds Make Babies," as the fifth track on his sixth studio album, Home. Bentley released that record in 2012.

"It's a cautionary tale, in a good way, to all those fans out there thinking about taking that next step," Bentley says of the song in an interview with USA Today. "It's a powerful thing, the ring."

The lyrics of "Diamonds Make Babies" caution, "That thing is more than just a simple stone / It’s got some crazy powers all its own / Something will happen when she slips it on / They never tell ya at the jewelry store ..."

"Yeah, diamonds make babies / And babies make mamas / And mamas make daddies / Make changes they don’t always wanna," Nichols sings in the song's chorus. "I know that you love her / She’s one special lady / But I’m warning you, brother / Yeah, diamonds make babies..."

"Diamonds Make Babies" is the first track on Nichols' Never Gets Old album, which is set for release on July 28. The song does exactly what the artist set out to do with this record: shift back to his traditional country roots. It's a classic honky-tonk celebration, heavy on the twang.

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