Jessie James Decker is juggling a career and motherhood, and in a lengthy Instagram post the mother of three confesses that things aren't always as glamorous as they seem.

The singer gave birth to her third child, Forrest Bradley Decker, on March 31 and opens up about the difficulties of scheduling a photoshoot with a newborn baby whose eating schedule is unpredictable.

"Sometimes ya gotta eat on the job ... when baby is hungry ya gotta feed em no matter what you’re doing," Decker writes with a photo of herself breastfeeding her youngest son. "After this shoot (which was about an hour from home) we drove back, me driving, mama and glam team. It starting raining like crazy and Forrest was screaming his head off the entire way to the point of crocodile tears and losing his voice from screaming."

Decker shares that the drive back was "so stressful," and as soon as she got off the highway, she switched places with her mother, leaving the driver's seat so she could feed her son.

She adds:

"I hopped in the back seat with Forrest and fed him with boob out leaned awkwardly over the car seat to calm him down! (Don’t recommend cus it's obviously not the right thing to do with no seatbelt) but my point of this post is even though things seem glamorous and fabulous in photos. Behind the scenes real sh-- happens. On the way home I cried, I got stressed and anxiety, and I was just a mom trying to do my best just like we all are no matter the situation! Now I need to know in the comments below has anyone ever done this boob out over car seat maneuver!"

Decker's message of truth got an overwhelming response from other mothers who could relate and who have found themselves in the same situation. One fan says she did this exact backseat with both of her children — another echoes this.

"100% did this with both babies!" user @maddikthompson writes. "Avoided so much craziness in the car! Plus it helps to not have to plan around that feeding when so many other things are going on."

In addition to raising her three children with husband Eric Decker, Jessie James has released two studio albums including 2017's Southern Girl City Lights.

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