Jana Kramer is currently celebrating the midpoint of a healthy pregnancy, but the actress/country singer is also ready to open up about the painful road that led her to baby.

In her latest YouTube vlog, Kramer gives fans an emotional look at the last couple of years in which she and husband Mike Caussin fought for a sibling for their daughter, Jolie, via various In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) attempts.

"I want to be as open and honest and raw as possible and that’s why I’m doing this,” Kramer says at the beginning of the video, which contains home footage shot during a total of five losses, including three miscarriages and two chemical pregnancies. "When Mike and I first got together, we were having trouble conceiving, so I went to the doctors and started the process of IVF."

From there, Kramer would go on a journey that countless women can relate to — a journey of medications and doctor's appointments and hormones and needles, all in the hopes of hearing those magic words, 'you are pregnant.'

Thankfully, Kramer ended up getting pregnant naturally after their last IVF treatment failed. The couple conceived Jolie, 3, without medical help.

"I don’t know if my system needed some of the IVF medicines to hold my pregnancy, I’m not really sure," she says, speaking of the current pregnancy. "But we are pregnant now. I am almost 19 weeks."

The country singer is counting her blessings.

"The times that I’ve miscarried after Jolie, I just remember looking at her like, ‘Man, I’m so lucky to have her,'" she says.

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