After multiple miscarriages and a lot of heartbreak, Jana Kramer is finally getting to celebrate. Not only is she pregnant with her and hubby Mike Caussin’s second child, but they are also now rejoicing over the sex of the baby.

Because ... it's a boy!

The couple exclusively shared the amazing news with US Weekly. The baby boy will join big sister Jolie in the growing household.

“I was convinced it was a girl,” Kramer tells US Weekly. “Like, absolutely convinced with how sick I’ve been and the cravings I’ve had. I was like, ‘OK, I’m definitely having another girl.’ And I kind of secretly wanted a girl because I never had a sister, so I always wanted to know what that was like."

But Caussin has always longed for a son, and Kramer says he'll be a great father to one.

"He wants to raise his little boy [with] respect and kind of do the things that he wishes he would have done," says the singer, who also mentioned that Caussin shed many a tear after receiving the news. "He’s gonna be such a good dad to a boy. It’s gonna be challenging because in this day and age for boys, you don’t want to be too hard on them, but you still want them to know it’s OK to show emotion and to kind of have that mix."

As for Jolie? She seemed to be over the moon at the news at a small gender reveal party that the family recently had with close friends in Los Angeles. "(Jolie) saw the confetti and stuff, but I don’t think it really kicked in until she went to the 3D ultrasound with us," Kramer says. "Now that my belly popped, she’s finally getting it. Like, there’s a baby in my belly, and I’m like, ‘It’s your brother!’ And she’s like, ‘Yay!’ … I can tell that she is very excited for the boy."

Baby Boy Caussin is due in November. He's what's called a "rainbow baby" since the couple lost five pregnancies in a struggle to grow a healthy baby — the rainbow after the storm.

Kramer and Caussin are hoping for a clean slate as their marriage enters a new chapter. They wed in 2015, but nearly divorced when it was revealed that Caussin had been unfaithful. They've spent the better part of two years repairing the damage done, and while it's a work in progress by Kramer's own admission, they seem to be happier than ever.

"He’s really excited about having another baby and just being really present and there for me because he wasn’t that way with Jolie," Kramer says. "We know that our relationship is really important to continue to work on.”

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