Singer-songwriter Jacob Davis is gearing up to put out his debut EP, What I Wanna Be. The Taste of Country RISER announced on March 8 that the new project will drop March 24, 2017. The title track is slated to hit radio March 27.

Davis says the album speaks to a style all his own, representing who he is and where he’s from.

"I feel like the country music lane is continuing to broaden … and I’m happy to be a part of it," Davis says. "Being able to put my Louisiana roots into my music has always been my goal … and I think we’ve done that with 'What I Wanna Be.'"

Watch Jacob Davis Perform "What I Wanna Be" on the RISERS Set

Check out the full track listing of the album below.

Unlike many artists, the Shreveport, La., native didn’t move straight to Nashville after high school. He's actually an alum of Louisiana State University, where he majored in environmental science with a concentration in geology, earning him a job in the oil industry. Though it wasn’t a good fit, he says the time at that job was beneficial in the long run. In retrospect, he's glad his parents forced him to take that time.

“They wanted me to learn how to pay my bills and get up and be at work on time,” Davis says. “I guess I was 22 or 23 and I needed that. I’m very glad that they made me stick with it.”

Davis signed with Black River Entertainment in 2016.

Jacob Davis, What I Wanna Be EP Track Listing:

1. “What I Wanna Be”
2. “James Brown”
3. “Up in Arms”
4. “High Definition”
5. “Real Love”

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