El Paso's, Texas has many great Christmas traditions, and I think that this may be come a new one!

El Paso's very own El Grincho has recently gone viral and for good reason! Didn't know that El Paso has its very own El Grincho, well allow me to introduce you to him!

Now, you may have seen El Grincho around town, especially during the holidays! You may have seen him during the Winterfest celebrations downtown, or the festival of lights parade- and even the Thanksgiving parade! You can't miss him- he's the only green one out there!

Well, recently, El Grincho gave one little El Pasoans a memory that she will be talking about in therapy for years to come!

It all started when Kassy Chanel took her daughter to see El Grincho at Scenic Drive. Now, Kassy says her daughter was super excited and had been watching "The Grinch" on repeat- however, when she finally came face to face with the Grinch, or El Grincho, well, it did not go the way she thought!

While this video went viral for the little girl's reaction- others LOVED El Grincho's reaction as well! His response of "she's gonna need therapy starting tomorrow". That's probably right! But other also pointed out this is totally giving out Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds energy!

Now, I've seen him in person and I totally agree- El Gricho gives off some Wade Wilson vibes! And after being a hit in El Paso for awhile it's pretty cool to see him going viral for this little encounter with Kassy's daughter!

As for Kassy, she and El Grincho are doing another meetup soon, and hopefully this next encounter goes just as chaotic as the first because we cannot see the results!

Merry Christmas to El Grincho and El Grincho only!

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