McDonald's is dishing out free fries the rest of 2023, but there's a couple things you should know.

How To Get Free Fries At McDonald's

According to, diners who have opted into the McDonald's app-exclusive reward program can redeem the offer once each Friday through Dec. 31.

It's FRI-day, get it?

AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

The offer for free medium fries is good anytime someone makes a purchase of at least $1.

McDonald's has released online instructions for those looking to sign-up for the rewards program through its app. The first Free Fries Friday is Oct. 27.

Other Ways To Get Free Or Discounted Food

People recently put together a list of opportunities to score free food from various restaurants through the rest of 2023.

Taco Bell customers who order through the chain's app can get a free toasted breakfast taco on Tuesdays through the end of October.

Chipotle is running its annual Boorito Halloween promotion for its reward members. Those who order via the Chipotle App and use the promo code "BOORITO" are eligible for a $6 entree.

According to a press release from Chipotle, the Boorito concept started as a burrito-themed costume contest in 2000. The latest evolution of the promotion has its restaurants open past normal business hours in some cities on Oct. 31.

Getty Images
Getty Images

"Chipotle has seen a 30% increase in transactions after 8 p.m. on Halloween and 81 percent of 18- to 26-year-olds surveyed reported wanting to see Chipotle open until midnight," Chipotle says.

Many of the Chipotle locations open until midnight on Halloween are located in college towns. A complete list can be found on Chipotle's website.

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