Fans were surprised to see Luke Combs give a shoutout to basketball star Caitlin Clark, but that's not the first her name has been linked with country music. Below are three examples showing the new WNBA No. 1 draft pick's love for country music — and the love that country music has in return.

Luke Combs Gave Caitlin Clark a Surprise Congratulations

The soon-to-be WNBA star was all smiles when she saw her country music hero on screen giving her a sweet message of congratulations.

"Hey, Luke Combs here, just wanted to say congratulations on being the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft. That's incredible," the country superstar said in his video message. "I know I can speak for everybody all across the United States and the world that we've enjoyed watching you the last couple of years, and we can't wait to continue to do so. Congratulations, you earned it. Can't wait to see you out there."

After hearing the kind words from the "Hurricane" singer, Clark gushed, "Luke Combs, that's my favorite artist of all time... that's pretty cool. He's a women's basketball fan, so that's amazing. I was not expecting that."

Caitlin Clark LOVES Luke Combs

It's not the first time that the Iowa basketball star has given a sneak peek into her love for country music — or Combs. When Iowa Everywhere asked in 2023 what music she warms up to, Clark said most people would be surprised that she likes "calm music" — and more specifically, country music.

When the interviewer asked her favorite artist, she stated that the "Beautiful Crazy" singer is her favorite, and she wanted to see him in concert.

Tim McGraw Hyped Up Caitlin Clark's Draft Day

Clark's love for country music is mutual. Tim Mc Graw recently posted a shoutout to the Iowa star, sporting her jersey and hyping up her big draft day.

Top 20 Luke Combs Songs That Prove 'Em All Wrong

Check out Luke Combs' best songs, and the songs that changed his life when so many thought he wasn't good enough to be a country star.

Luke Combs and Nicole Combs' Cutest Pics Prove They're Better Together

After meeting at a music festival in 2016, Luke Combs and his wife Nicole has been inseparable. The two were engaged by 2018 and tied the knot in 2020. Fast-forward four years and the couple are now proud parents of two little boys, Tex Lawrence and Beau Lee. Despite the rapid pace of their relationship, Luke and Nicole Combs remain one of the cutest and most devoted couples in country music, and these photos prove it.

See Pictures of Luke Combs' New Nashville Bar, Category 10

Luke Combs is ready to join the ranks of country artists who have opened their own bars in Nashville's Broadway district. The honky-tonk will be called Category 10, playing off of his debut single "Hurricane." Although true hurricanes are categorized no higher than a Category 5, Combs opted to double the intensity with a 10 ranking. It's a nod to his career, really.

Category 10 will be anything but small: The bar will be the largest entertainment venue on the strip, featuring the area's biggest dance floor and rooftop. Combs is also including more intimate spaces to accommodate young talented singers and songwriters.

Luke Combs + Wife Nicole Look Ravishing in Red on the 2023 CMAs Carpet

Luke Combs and his wife Nicole stepped out at the 2023 CMA Awards, walking the carpet with semi-matching outfits in shades of red.

Gallery Credit: Carena Liptak

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