Keith Urban's new "Brown Eyes Baby" video not only tells the story of the optimistic song, but it harkens back to a previous single from the artist.

The video begins with a familiar tune, but it's not "Brown Eyes Baby" — it's a hit song of Urban's from 2016. The clip finds a woman sitting on a bed and watching the black-and-white music video for "Blue Ain't Your Color" on television.

She turns it off and puts in a tape of "Brown Eyes Baby," and the current single begins to play.

After the song begins, the video lead gets dressed and ready for a night on the town, as if following the narrative of the song. She heads out to a bar with friends, where Urban is performing the tune onstage.

The video shows the woman smiling and having a good time, signifying her journey to a healed heart after a breakup. A cheerful scene is shown in the video, and it gives hope to those who may be going through a similar situation.

The inclusion of Urban's "Blue Ain't Your Color" video makes perfect sense, as the songs share lyrical similarities, and "Brown Eyes Baby" almost serves as a follow-up the 2016 hit. The music videos also share the same director, Carter Smith.

Urban shared a message on social media upon the release of this video, praising Smith and his team for their hard work and creativity.

"The official music video for ‘Brown Eyes Baby’ is out now!!" he writes. "A HUGE thank you to Carter Smith & team: I’ve worked with Carter numerous times over the years and looooved getting to create a call back moment to ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ in this video (which Carter also directed)."

Urban released "Brown Eyes Baby" in August 2022 from a yet-to-be announced new album.

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