How far would you go for love? One Reddit user hit up the Country Music Stuff Subreddit to get some help finding country music that he likes so he can connect with his country music-loving wife.

He says that he has been "frustrated" with country music in the past with the "torn jeans, cold beer, my truck" type of lyrics. He is on the hunt for the right artists to help him share music interests with his country music fan wife. He wants to eventually surprise his wife by singing country music to her.

The country music reluctant husband says that he likes Johnny Cash and "Meant to Be" by Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha. His wife likes many artists, including Eric Church and Kip Moore, and he thinks that is a great place to start in her playlist.

Many Reddit users have weighed in.

One user generously gives him a list: "American Heartbreak - Zach Bryan it’s a long album but if you enjoy the first 5-10 songs listen to it all the way through. Bell Bottom Country - Lainey Wilson. She’s probably the best female vocalist right now with some booming choruses and sound. Noise Complaint - Koe Wetzel sad boy emo rock country.

"For me, it took country-adjacent genres to get me into it. Things like Americana, alternative country, cowpunk, rockabilly, and psychobilly were my entry point. That allowed me to start to appreciate some of the straight country stuff. Mostly Johnny Cash and Hank Williams at first," the user continues.

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"If this idea sounds good, try Devil Makes Three, Cracker, Uncle Tupelo, Crooked Still, Hayseed Dixie, Hank iii, Carl Perkins, Violent Femmes. None [of] these are country, but they're adjacent and might train your ears to the proper sounds," another user suggested.

"I feel like some people didn’t read all the way through on your post haha," another user wrote. "Here’s some Eric Church, Kip Moore, Johnny Cash, and related songs I would recommend for you to enjoy with your wife :)

"Eric Church: 'Love Your Love the Most,' 'Springsteen,' 'Hell of a View,' 'Kill a Word,' 'Doing Life With Me.' Kip Moore: 'Hey Pretty Girl,' 'Last Shot,' 'Beer Money.'"

Overall, not a bad set of recommendations from the Reddit crowd. What country music would you suggest for this husband to bond with his wife over? We commend him for making the effort to support his wife's music taste and connect with her on something even if it isn't his thing.

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