Ashley Judd promised herself that she would be back hiking someday, after her traumatic leg injury. Two-and-a-half years ago, in Feb. 2021, Judd suffered a freak leg injury while she was on a hike through a jungle in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

She told People at the time: "My leg will never be the same. She is a new leg. And I love her. We are buddies. We have a come a long way and we have a fabulous life ahead."

Judd took to her Instagram on Aug. 12 to let fans and followers know how far she and her leg have come:

Judd dropped a photo dump of a recent hike that she went on, as well as an update on her recovery.

"Walking. Switzerland. After 5 breaks in right leg, a paralyzed foot, possible amputation, all while hemorrhaging, my leg and I have come far in 2.5 years since my accident in Democratic Republic of Congo. We came far up these Alps, for the sheer joy of it, confidently," she says.

"Ongoing gratitude of profound proportions to the Congolese who saved me, and the surgeons, neurologist, and physical therapist who set me up for this stunning recovery. How are you celebrating your blessings?"

The comments section of the post is littered with nothing but positivity and uplifting stories of how Judd has inspired others who have faced traumatic injuries, as well as those who are just proud to see how far she has come since her accident, and how proud fans are of her.

@reallybecky107 writes, "Yay, Ashley! You have definitely overcome a horrendous and traumatic event. Horrific injuries like what you endured not only affect people physically but mentally as well. You are a rock star, ma'am!"

@rocketships.and.rainbow says, "Well done Ash! So much joy for you and your leg and your love of hiking."

@msheatherlarkin adds, "I looked up the word 'resilient' in the dictionary and saw your picture."

Ashley Judd is the sister of Wynonna Judd and the daughter of late the Judds star Naomi Judd.

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