So recently I was scrolling through TikTok when I came upon a video of a woman who was mortified after her beloved pet just lost it's tail. somehow within a span of 15 minutes.

The Deed

A woman on TikTok is currently letting people know that while she was on an important call meeting she came back to a scary sight. The woman left her kitten alone for just 15 minutes as she took the call and to her surprise the little cat had a newish toy in its mouth. It's own tail! That's right the kitten somehow took off its very own tail.

The How

Apparently this isn't a new thing that has happened as various other people shared their similar scenarios with their cats tails falling off randomly. Why does this happen though? Well there are a variety of factors as to why a cats tail might fall off with some vets stating it could be due to degloving which is when the skin is torn off and the tail falls off, a lack of circulation due to something like a blood clot or rubber band, or self mutilation from a possible disease.

What to do?

Well if your cat loses its tail the best thing to do is make sure there is no blood and then schedule a trip to the vet. You want to make sure that your cat is ok and check to see if there are any factors as to why the tail might have fallen off. Also it's safe to say you will panic so there is no point in saying don't panic. It is a body part after all.

Has your cats tail ever fallen off or do you know of someone's cat who has lost their tail? Let us know how they reacted.

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