Ok...we all know flatulence can be funny, but can it actually get you in trouble?!  Well, I think we all know in the privacy of our own homes it is a no-brainer.  Your family may be really mad at you for crop dusting the house, but they will not call the cops.  At least, I don't think they will call the cops.  I don't know the details. Anyways, we are going to look at public execution of this bodily function.  Can you actually get arrested for passing gas in Texas?!

The main answer is "no."  However, in couple parts of the state it is a pungent "yes."

According to the Thiessen Law Firm, in Port Arthur it is illegal to “emit obnoxious odors in an elevator.” The punishment is just a fine, but still image going to pay that fine. There is no report how much the fine is, but I don't want to test it.

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What about manufactured flatulence? Well, don't test that either.  According to KTRK in Houston, earlier this year students at a local high school are facing felony charges for unleashing "fart spray" in the school. According to the story...

"Two teens have been charged for their alleged roles in a prank that evacuated Caney Creek High School. A strong odor at the school on May 3 and May 4 prompted evacuations and an extensive search by the district to find the source of the smell. At the time, the district told ABC13 that six students were taken to the hospital for headaches and nausea. They were released the same day. Court documents state two students had cans labeled "fart spray." Now, both students are facing third-degree felony charges for having what has been deemed a prohibited weapon."

So, maybe fake "flatulence" is worse than the real thing.  My best advice - hold it in until you get home or be very discreet.  And, don't do it in an elevator in Port Arthur, Texas!


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