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  • Clear backpack policy
  • Gun concealed in a regular backpack
  • Student was arrested

The new school year has already begun for many East Texas school districts and the majority of them will hear the first school bell ring sometime next week. With the start of a new school year, several school districts throughout North Texas and in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area has implemented a clear backpack policy.

This is the first time I've heard of a school district implementing a clear backpack policy and it's a good thing because it has already removed one concealed handgun from getting past a security point on campus. Mesquite ISD is one of a handful of school districts in the metroplex to implement such a policy.

On the first day of school, a student at Horn High School in Mesquite showed up to school with an unapproved backpack. School administrators had the backpack placed in a safe area until the student could transfer the contents over to an approved clear backpack that the school district provides.

According to NBCDFW, the student began acting suspiciously which lead to his bag being searched and a handgun discovered. No word on if the gun was loaded or if there were additional rounds. Mesquite Police was contacted and the 17-year-old student was arrested for bringing a firearm onto the campus.

Following the massacre at Uvalde ISD, Dallas ISD implemented a clear backpack policy and a number of school districts are following suit, including Mesquite ISD which purchased 40,000 of them to give to each student.

While I have not heard of this kind of policy being implemented on any East Texas campuses I believe this is a great idea. I have clear back policies at concert and sporting venues and amusement parks, schools should do the same. If there are any East Texas districts doing this already please drop me an email to let me know and I'll update this.

What are your thoughts on East Texas school districts adopting a clear backpack policy? Send me a comment on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page or through the Mix 93-1 mobile app.

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